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World’s Most Comprehensive
World’s Most Comprehensive

Become awesome in real estate finance, investment analysis, feasibility study

Easy to follow lessons

Real Estate Finance Course

Real Estate Finance Course

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Course Includes

1,200 minutes of Video Lectures

10+ Case Studies Solution

Dashboards for Real Estate

20+ Excel Models

World’s Most Comprehensive Online Real Estate Finance & Dashboard Training Program is here!

And that for Just $ 299!

Taught by an Industry Expert: B.Tech Civil Engineering + MBA Finance + 12 Years of Industry Experience

The goal of this Real Estate Finance Course is to make you awesome in real estate finance, investment analysis, feasibility study and dashboards for real estate development projects.

Most Comprehensive

World’s most comprehensive online real estate finance course yet! With no competition to match!

Bonus Materials

Contains lots of bonus materials - Excel formula cheat-sheet, Excel keyboard shortcuts Ebook and many more!


Lesson Plan of Online Real Estate Finance Course

  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
  • Module 5
  • Module 6
  • Module 7
Module 1: Basic Concepts

  • What is Real Estate Property?
  • Property Type and Areas
  • Real Estate Development Process
  • Understanding Various Area Types and Measurement Methodologies
  • Time Value of Money
  • Understanding and Calculating Discount Rate
  • Note on Cost of Equity
  • Calculating and Using Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  • Understanding Return Metrics
    • NPV
    • IRR
    • ROI
    • Payback Period
    • Limitation of IRR
    • Other Ratios
Module 2: Real Estate Finance and Economics

  • Real Estate and Urban Economics
  • The Market for Real Estate Assets and Real Estate Use
  • Primary and Secondary Market
  • Theory of Capitalization Rate
  • Growth, Employment and Interest Rate
Module 3: Financial Modeling for Real Estate

  • Modeling Best Practice and Tips – designing an efficient layout
  • Graphics and Presentation
  • What is a Feasibility Study?
  • Various Asset Classes and Specific Modeling Issues
  • Optimizing Product Mix in a Mixed-use Development
  • Structuring a Cash Flow Model
    • Timing and Frequency Formats – use of dates or period
    • Modeling Timing of Construction (S-Curve)
    • Incorporating Land and Infrastructure Costs
    • Rent Roll and Area Measurement
    • Note on Area Measurement Methodologies
    • Rent Forecast and Market Research
    • Note on Market Research for Real Estate
    • Modeling Exit Proceeds
    • Modeling Delays
    • Project IRR, Project NPV and other Metrics
  • Adding Debt
    • Applying Typical Debt
    • Debt Coverage Ratio and Sizing the Loan
    • Modeling Financing Cash Flow – debt drawdown, repayment pattern, interest rates, and debt service.
    • Calculating Geared IRR, NPV and other Metrics
    • Optimizing Capital Structure
    • Mezzanine Finance and Profit Sharing
  • Other Development Financing Methods
    • Modeling Pre-let / Pre-Sold and Speculative Deals
    • Use of Third Party Equity (Private Equity)
    • Structuring a Joint Venture
    • Preferences and Priority of Distribution
    • Waterfall Structures
  • Calculating Operating Expenses
    • Operating Expenses for Commercial Projects
    • Operating Expenses for Residential Projects
    • Constructing Profit & Loss Statement for Hotels
  • Modeling Portfolio of Projects
  • Understanding Risk
    • What are the Risks and How to Quantify Them?
    • Developing Sensitivity Analysis
    • Volatility of Lease Rates
    • Evaluation of Risk and Return of Different Financing Instruments
  • Building Financial Statements
    • Constructing Profit & Loss Statement
    • Constructing Balance Sheet

Case Study 1 (Mixed-use Development)

Case Study 2 (Single Use – Commercial)

Case Study 3 (Single Use – Residential)

Case Study 4 (Single Use – Hotel)

Case Study 5 (Single Use – Shopping Mall)

Case Study 6 (Single Use – Entertainment / Cinema)

Module 4: Valuation

  • Valuation Methodologies
  • Formula and Functions for Valuations and Appraisals
  • Income and Cost Approach
  • Different Type of Yields and Cap Rate

Case Study: Golden Opportunity: Commercial Real Estate Valuation (Kellogg School of Management)

Module 5: Real Estate Portfolio Management

  • Function and Goal of Portfolio Management
  • Note on Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Capital Budgeting Techniques
  • Efficient Portfolio Construction
  • Hold / Repositioning Strategies
Module 6: Real Estate Strategy

  • Real Options and How to Use Them
  • How to Structure a Real Estate Deal?
  • Why do Real Estate Companies go Bankrupt?

Case Study: Asia Property Limited (Harvard Business School)

Case Study: North Goes East (Harvard Business School)

Case Study: LandLease (Asia) Property Limited: Redefining Real Estate Investment Strategies (The Centre for Asian Business Cases, The University of Hong Kong)

Case Study: Rose Smart Growth Investment Fund (Harvard Business School)

Case Study: Hongkong Land Holdings Ltd: Strategic Repositioning of Real Estate Assets (The Centre for Asian Business Cases, The University of Hong Kong)

Case Study: The Millegan Creek Apartments (Harvard Business School)

Case Study: Wildcat Capital Investors (Kellogg School of Management)

Module 7: Dashboard for Real Estate Development Projects

  • What is a Dashboard?
  • How to Make a Dashboard for Real Estate Projects and Investments?
  • Dashboard Do’s & Don’ts
  • Excel Dashboard Examples for Real Estate Projects

Join Real Estate Finance Course Now

  • 22 Hours video
  • 4 Hours of Dashboard Lessons
  • 20+ Excel Models
  • 6 Month Access to Online Classroom
  • Free Bonus – Excel Formula Cheat-sheet Ebook
  • Free Bonus – Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Ebook
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Email Support
  • Launching Soon
  • 22 Hours video
  • 4 Hours of Dashboard Lessons
  • 20+ Excel Models
  • 6 Month Access to Online Classroom
  • Free Bonus – Excel Formula Cheat-sheet Ebook
  • Free Bonus – Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Ebook
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Email Support
  • Download HD Quality Lessons
  • Launching Soon

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More Detail about Real Estate Finance Course

Each topic in Real Estate Finance Course comes with several videos discussing various topics in-detail. There is a total of around 20 hours of video in the course at this moment. All these lessons are neatly structured in to a lesson plan with links to view, download and discuss.
During the Real Estate Finance Course we will be solving 10+ real-life case studies. There will be around 6 proprietary case studies and rest will be Harvard Business School Case Studies. You may be required to purchase the Harvard Business School case studies at the HBR website.
In this section, you will learn how to build world-class dashboards from the scratch. We will discuss dashboard design principles, best practices and see several examples related to real estate. You can download unlocked dashboard excel files and reuse them as you like.
Almost all the topics in Real Estate Finance Course include downloadable content – either excel files PDF files. Using these files, you can easily improve your understanding and play with the concepts right away.
If you use excel formulas a lot, then this cheat sheet can help you. It contains the syntax of most important formulas along with example uses and tricks to handle errors.
This E-book includes some really powerful and useful excel keyboard shortcuts which will be critical in building excel models
This e-book explain the process to format charts to wow your audience. It also includes guidance on how to use colors effectively. This will come very handy in creating excel dashboards for real estate development projects and investments.
Each Real Estate Finance Course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like what you see in course, just drop an email and your money will be refunded. No questions asked.


I was part of the test team and must say it is a very comprehensive course and lot of efforts has been put into making of this course. The case studies are the fun part of the course.
Dan Murphy- Development Analyst
I can take the classes whenever I have time, the lessons are easy to follow, all of the information is extremely helpful, I can use what I learn immediately
Jennifer Burdett- Investment Analyst
Good examples, very open and responsive teacher, overall very positive experience
Deep Bhandari- Asset Manager



Hope to see you in Real Estate Finance Course Class.

* We will be using Microsoft Excel 2010 / 2007 during the Real Estate Finance Course Class.