Looking for Sample Feasibility Study? Check this post for 55+ real life feasibility study samples.

Sample feasibility study report is one of the most requested items on our site. Readers often ask for a pdf/doc version of any sample feasibility study report. Many a times I receive requests for excel file.

I often wondered if there is any such report, which you can consider a general starting point for your work.   Sadly, each project is different in so many aspects – geography, asset class, market dynamics, zoning regulations, funding, taxation policies and so on.

Sample Feasibility Study

I spent few hours on the Internet searching for what we could be called sample feasibility study report. As I told earlier, a single report can’t be representative of this kind of work. Each project is different in terms of geography, asset type, market dynamics and zoning regulations.

But all these hours on the Internet didn’t go waste. I was able to compile a very comprehensive list of real life feasibility study report across various geographies and various asset classes.

Go ahead and explore below the list of about 60 actual Feasibility Studies Report from around the world.

S.No Title Location Download Link
1 Hotel Feasibility Study Virginia, US Link
2 Hotel Feasibility Study Pennsylvania US Link
3 Conference Centre Feasibility Study Norwich, UK Link
4 Hotel and Convention Centre Feasibility Study Washington US Link
5 Hotel and Conference Facilities Feasibility Study Yellow springs, OH, US Link
6 Hotel and Events Center Feasibility Study Keller, Texas, US Link
7 Hotel Investment in Germany Feasibility Study Europe Link
8 Conference Centre Feasibility Study Salem, Mass, US Link
9 Holiday Inn Hotel Feasibility Study Georgetown, Texas, US Link
10 Sample Hotel Market Research and Feasibility Study US Link
11 Hotel Feasibility Study Somerville, US Link
12 Budget Hotels in Europe Feasibility Study UK Consultant, London Link
13 Hotel and Conference Center Feasibility Study Frederick, Maryland, US Link
14 International Convention Centre Feasibility Study Auckland, New Zealand Link
15 Hotel and Convention Centre Feasibility Study Madison, Wisconsin, US Link
16 Hilton Hotel and Convention Center Feasibility Study Fort Lauderdale, Florida Link
17 Midwest Express Center Feasibility Study Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US Link
18 Affordable Housing Feasibility Study Washington US Link
19 Affordable Housing Feasibility Study Sapelo Island, Georgia, US Link
20 Student Housing Feasibility Study University of Maryland, US Link
21 University workforce housing Feasibility Study Washington University Link
22 Housing for families with ill children Feasibility Study Connecticut, US Link
23 Transitional Housing Feasibility Study Ontario, Canada Link
24 Affordable Housing Feasibility Study Florida, US Link
25 Smart house services Feasibility Study Netherlands Link
26 Senior Housing Feasibility Study Las Vegas, US Link
27 Housing and Industrial land Feasibility Study Wakefield, Australia Link
28 Heritage Area Feasibility Study Colorado US Link
29 Heritage Warehouse Project Feasibility Study Whaley Bridge UK Link
30 Ozarks Highlands Heritage Area Feasibility Study Missouri, US Link
31 National Maritime Heritage Area Feasibility Study Washington State, US Link
32 Hallowed Ground Feasibility Study Gettysburg, US Link
33 Upper Housatonic valley Feasibility Study Massachusetts, US Link
34 Santa Cruz Valley Feasibility Study Arizona, US Link
35 Quick-Service Restaurant Feasibility Study China Link
36 Restaurant Market Analysis Feasibility Study University of Wisconsin, US Link
37 Quick-Service Restaurant Feasibility Study China Link
38 Brewpub Feasibility Study Colorado, US Link
39 Creation of New Economic Zone Feasibility Study Belfast Northern Ireland Link
40 Special Economic Zones Feasibility Study Cambodia Link
41 Export Processing Zone Feasibility Study Vanuatu Link
42 Low Carbon Tech. Zones Feasibility Study EU - China Link
43 Business Development Zones Feasibility Study Iraq Link
44 Balti Industrial Park Feasibility Study Feasibility Study Moldova Link
45 Economic Zones for Invesment Feasibility Study Iraq Link
46 Strategic Town plan Feasibility Study North Dakota US Link
47 Housing on 3.5 acres of land Feasibility Study Cleveland, OH, US Link
48 Planning of the Coast use of Land Feasibility Study Cyprus Link
49 City Center Development Feasibility Study Carson City, Nevada, US Link
50 City Center Development Feasibility Study Oxford, UK Link
51 Master Plan Feasibility Study Cairo, Egypt Link
52 Urban Renewal Feasibility Study Beaverton, Oregon, US Link
53 Estonia, Latvia,, Poland Railway Feasibility Study European Union Link
54 Commuter Rail Study Feasibility Study Washington State, US Link
55 High Speed Railway Feasibility Study Norway, EU Link
56 Northern Corridor Railway Feasibility Study Kenya, Uganda Link
57 Commuter Rail Study Feasibility Study Sandbach to Northwich Link
58 Commuter Rail Study Feasibility Study Los Angeles to San Diego Link
59 Rochester Rail Link Feasibility Study Minnesota, US Link
60 Public mass transit service Feasibility Study Haymarket, Virginia, US Link


If you are looking for guidelines writing feasibility report you should refer to Feasibility Study Template. Also, if the project you are working on is in concept stage, you should look at product mix optimization technique for mixed-use developments.

Hope you enjoyed the post. What do you think, use the comment section below.

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    Your blog help us a lot in how can we make a feasibility study report ………….. keep the good work

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      i m really thank ful to you if sent me actual and sequence vise feasibility report

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    Wow! Most comprehensive list of actual feasibility study.

    Great work, keep it up.

  • JEFF  June 5, 2015 at 12:37 am

    Im looking foa a feasibility sample for building a preschool here in the Philippines… thanks

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    can you show us a example of feasibility study

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    Thank you very much for your help…I am a SR looking to us CGS 8-30g affordable housing to build 3 units on 6+ acres in Connecticut. Quite a task!!!

  • Raimi  October 4, 2015 at 1:03 pm

    really help…thank u very much.

  • Lethola Moshe  October 26, 2015 at 8:53 am

    I need feasibility report for stationary manufacturing in South Africa

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    i want a feasibility report in technical format to purchase a plot to open a new branch as executive officer with suggestion to executive officer

  • BINDU CHANDRA CHANDA  November 16, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    i want a feasibility report in technical format to purchase a plot to open a new branch as executive officer with suggestion to managing director

  • Ismail Hashem  November 29, 2015 at 9:28 am

    Many thanks for this info. it was very useful

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    can i have a sample of toll filling company feasib study

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    I need a feasibilty report for a fire protection company in dubai….plzz help me…

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    fantastic information!

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    I want a feasibility study of solar energy project in Gwanda-Zimbabwe


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