Residual Land Value [Video]

Transcript Residual land value is a land valuation tool based on simple economic concept that the land value is the surplus after development cost and profit have been deducted from the value of the completed development. So, Residual Land Value (RLV) = Value of the...

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Future Value Calculation in Excel

Future value calculation in Excel can be done either by using Excel FV formula or by manual calculation. Before we get into the calculations, let’s review the concept of future value. We have discussed the time value of money earlier. To remind ourselves, the basic...

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Replacing Links with Values in Excel

Replacing links with values in Excel is a very useful tool. On many occasions before sharing our workbooks with external parties we prefer to replace the links with values. Links can be tricky - links to other workbooks can be in formulas, names, charts, text boxes,...

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IRR Calculation in Excel [video]

IRR calculation in Excel can be done very easily. It can be calculated using three different formulas – IRR, XIRR and MIRR. We have discussed the syntax and specific use of each formulas in a previous post. On the requests of our readers we did a video on IRR...

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